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PSHVM30 the all GUI Powershell Hyper-V Manager 

FREE now and and forever, I don't even ask for donations FREE to use Personal or Corporate FREE

If you want a GUI hyper-v Manager (free for personal use and cost $ for Corp price yet TBD) Try, I helped develop it with Hakan Linden or if you want to see a listing of Hyper-V Manager products visit

There are two versions:

PSHVM standaloneversion 3.0

Works great and has all the features you need

An intergrated PSHVM 3.0 with Corefig 1.1

Can be accessed as either standalone or from within corefig Main page Hyperv Manger Button

to see the pictures of what the standalone version looks like visit: Pictures

Use it from the core 2012 server console or it can even run on the GUI server 2012, I have tested it on both.



  1. File Manager with shortcuts at the bottom to launch apps
  2. Set the Virtual Machine and HardDisk paths for the VHost
  3. Create/Remove a vSwitch
  4. Advanced NIC and vSwitch features like NIC Teaming (thanks to Eric Siron)
  5. Create a new vm with a new VHDx file or from and existing VHDx
  6. Start/Stop/Connect to a VM
  7. Manage VM's DVD/ISO.. Eject/Insert/Insert MS tools
  8. Rename/Remove/Delete a VM (can even save the files for redeploy)
  9. Export a VM
  10. Import a VM
  11. Edit the VM's Name, RAM Amount, vCPU Count, NIC's, Networks/vSwitch(s) and Virtual Disks
  12. Gather an Inventory Report of the VHost and VM's 
  13. Tools that link to: Command prompt, Task Manager, Registry Editor, System Info, Services, Event Viewer and Firewall settings.

Shout out: to the Beta testers, Adam Driscoll, Corefig team and Eric Siron.


Main Screen

PSHVM making the hyper-v world a friendlier place app at a time.

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