Connecting to a VM ......

Aug 16, 2013 at 3:44 PM
The GUI will show all your VM's and then you choose which one you would like to connect too. You click the VM name and then click Connect and it will see if it can connect with an IP, if not it will connect via the VMID.

If connecting via IP you input the acctid and password.
If connecting via VMID (ie the VM does not have and IP because you are installing the OS now) you must authenticate the the local hyperv VHOST, input the vhost Administrator acct and password.

NOTE: If you know for a fact the VM has a IP address but it keeps connecting via the VMID. To fix this install the lastest Misrcosoft integration Tools package on the VM. (this works for Microsoft products)

This works with linux distro Ubuntu (been tested) and it will connect to the VMID but if you want it to connect to the IP address of the Linux VM you need to install XRPD on the linux VM.